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Building backlinks is arguably the most important part of modern day SEO. Website and article directories are a good way for webmasters to promote their websites. Article and Web Directory submission can build backlinks.

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RSS Submit is the most powerful RSS feed management and promotion tool available. The first of its kind for automatically submitting RSS feeds, it is the quickest and most reliable way to submit to the RSS search engines.

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ADAKOO service is really awesome and you gonna love it.

SEO basically stands for ”Search Engine Optimization” or “Search Engine Optimizer”. SEO is the technique which helps us to stand first among thousands of websites, in the major search engine and it will also help us to increase the organic traffic for a website. We all have read or heard (might be on internet) that SEO is a hard and time consuming technique but it’s not that much complicated!! In fact it’s quite easy and simple one. All you need to do is to have a better plan and strategy for your website. Before moving to the further steps let me tell you one thing that “SEO Just Need some Patience and a lot more hard work” Search engine provide search results for particular search term after performing several activities like crawling, indexing, processing, relevancy checking etc. Crawling the website -It is the process of fetching all the web pages from a web site. This task is performed by a software tool, called a web crawler or a web spider (Googlebot, in the case of Google). Web crawler fetches all the text, links and images in the form of TEXT from the web pages, and stores these fetched text in its database. Indexing the pages -It is the process of making index for all the fetched web pages in thedatabase from where it can later be retrieved when required. Indexing is basically identifying the words and keywords that best describe a particular web page and then arranging (Indexing) the web page in database according to the keyword relevancy. Processing the search- When users search for some search phrase, then the words in the search phrase are compared to the words/keywords in search engine database. And then, according to search keyword’s relevancy the web pages are indexed for that particular search term. Relevancy check- In a website, more than one page may contain the search term. So, to check which web page is highly relevant to the particular search term is the task of relevancy checking. At this stage, search engine starts checking relevancy of the pages in its index for different search phrases. Displaying Results - This is the last step of search engine’s activity. In this step, the best web page links which are highly relevant to the search phrase are displayed.

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